Grimtron 2024 New Collection

        Welcome to Grimtron’s 2024 New Collection, where cutting-edge technology meets robust security to bring you the best in home protection and convenience. Our latest range of products includes state-of-the-art home safes, innovative gun safes, versatile key boxes, and essential accessories designed to keep your valuables secure and organized. Dive into our new arrivals and discover why Grimtron is the go-to brand for all your security needs.

        Our 2024 New Collection features advanced security solutions tailored to meet the demands of modern life. Whether you need to secure firearms, important documents, keys, or other valuables, our new products offer enhanced protection and convenience.

        Our gun safes in this collection are crafted with the highest standards in mind. Featuring robust construction and advanced locking mechanisms, these safes ensure your firearms are stored securely and are only accessible to authorized individuals. Whether you're looking for a compact safe for handguns or a larger model for rifles, our gun safes are designed to provide peace of mind and meet liberty gun safe standards. The new designs incorporate user-friendly features such as biometric locks, electronic keypads, and fireproof materials, making them a top choice for gun safe sales in 2024.

        In addition to gun safes, our collection includes home safes that offer superior protection for your most valuable items. These safes are built with durable materials and come with advanced security features such as fire resistance and tamper-proof locks. Whether you need to store jewelry, important documents, or other valuables, our home safes provide the ultimate protection against theft and damage.

        Our key boxes are designed to offer secure and convenient storage for keys. Ideal for both residential and commercial use, these key boxes feature combination locks and weather-resistant designs. They provide a reliable solution for managing keys securely, ensuring they are accessible only to those with authorization.

        The accessories in our 2024 collection are designed to complement our safes and key boxes, offering additional storage and organizational solutions. From tactical car seat back organizers to replacement keys and gun racks, our accessories are crafted to enhance the functionality of your security setup.


        2024 NEW COLLECTION (4)

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        Grimtron Biometric Gun Safe with...

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        Grimtron Combination Key Lock Box...

        Save 20%
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        Grimtron 40 - Key Electronic...

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        Grimtron Biometric Gun Safe with...

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