Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)
Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)
Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)
Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)
Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)
Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)
Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)

    Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)

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    Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)

    Introducing the Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06) from Grimton, the ultimate solution for securing your firearms with advanced technology and convenience. With quick access and auto-open features, this safe ensures your handguns are always within reach while maintaining maximum security.

    • Wireless Charging Station: Equipped with a wireless charging station, this safe can simultaneously charge your iPhone or AirPods, ensuring your devices are always ready when you are.
    • Spacious Storage: With the capacity to hold up to four pistols, including those with scopes, and a removable partition for flexible organization, this safe offers ample storage space for your firearms and accessories.
    • Biometric Quick Access: Featuring a high-resolution fingerprint scanner, this safe provides quick access to your firearms, with a response time of less than 0.5 seconds and support for up to 20 fingerprints.
    • Dark & Silent Operation: With a backlit keyboard and silent mode, this safe allows for discreet access even in low-light conditions, ensuring minimal noise for added security.
    • Durable Construction: Crafted from premium materials, including heavy-duty steel, this safe is built to last, providing long-term protection for your valuable firearms.

    Ideal for gun enthusiasts, homeowners, and anyone prioritizing firearm safety, the Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06) is perfect for storing handguns securely while ensuring quick access when needed. Simply set up your fingerprints, organize your firearms, and enjoy peace of mind knowing your guns are safely stored away.

    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester


    Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)
    Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06) Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06) Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06) Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06) Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06) Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06) Biometric Gun Safe & Cabinets (VT06)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 39 reviews
    Peace of mind is priceless

    This is the perfect safe for home use. It is multifunctional with a wireless charging surface, making it a great unit to fit on a nightstand without taking away functionality. The surface still allows space for placing a small bedside lamp upon it, too. It can be opened via key, password, or fingerprints, which are easy to program and it can recognise multiple fingeprints. Within is plenty of space and also the option to add a shelf to further customize the area. I like the light that turns on upon opening the safe.You are not limited to just gun storage with this safe. It is perfect for other valuables like documents, cash, credit cards, jewelry, ammunition, etc. I appreciate the peace of mind I have knowing that oue guns can be quickly accessed when needed only by the right designated people, and they are otherwise inaccessible though they remain near. Its a worthwhile and necessary investment in safety for your home.

    Jeff Decker
    Fast, heavy, and secure

    I love this safe, I needed something to keep my baby away from my ammo, knives, and other things I don’t want her getting a hold of. This safe fit the bill perfectly. The safe is heavy enough to keep itself down on my shelf, and once I put all of my rounds into it, it’s even heavier and easily holds itself in place. There is also a set of mounting hardware if you’d like to mount it as well. The biometric scanner works very quickly and it is accurate which is the most important part. The safe itself has 3 options to open it, but the fingerprint scanner is the fastest/easiest way. The safe is fully operational with just 4 AAA batteries which is very surprising but it does come with a power adapter which is how I’ll mainly use it. There is a nice light on the inside which comes on when you unlock it with the passcode or the fingerprint scanner so you can see your items easily and there is one removable shelf to keep your items separate from each other. There is a wireless charger on the top that only works when it’s plugged into the wall. I was surprised how nice the charger worked, and it even has magnets in it to hold your item perfectly centered onto it. This is exactly what I needed to keep my things safe.

    Safety first.

    The Biometric gun safe is a small safe that fits my needs perfectly. It is a sturdy safe that has plenty of room for both my revolver and ammunition. I really like the fact that it will open up with a fingerprint or passcode. Setting up both the fingerprint and passcode access was not difficult. I was able to program in my fingerprint as well as my spouse's fingerprint. There are several short instructional videos on the online order page if needed. Written instructions are included and the safe can be attached with screws to a nightstand, shelf, or anywhere else one may want to place it. The locking and unlocking mechanism worked just as it should, and a small light comes on when the door opens. The only thing that I cannot comment on is the wireless charging station on top of the safe. My cell phone is too old and will not charge that way. Sometime in the future I plan on using that feature also. Overall: I am pleased with the size, look, and the ease of use. Excellent!

    Combustion Instability
    Well made, works perfectly and super easy to set up!

    This gun safe works perfectly and required very little setup. What little setup was required was extremely easy.First you open the safe with a key. Two are provided. Then you install 4 AAA batteries and set up your combination. After that you set your fingerprint.I really like the fact that you can open this thing up quickly with the touch of your finger. You can also use your four to eight digit combination. Last but not least you can use a key.The inside is pretty roomy. There is one removable shelf. There are holes in the base of the interior that allows you to secure this to a shelf. Screws for this are provided. Since the screws are internal it would be near impossible to remove this safe without opening it. The screw provided require an Allen head tool, also provide. It's a little difficult working the Allen head inside the safe so be sure to drill propper start holes. The safe is heavy and appears extremely well made and sturdy. The phone charger works great.

    Edward Pritchard
    Gun safe

    Very secure biometric gun safe with charging platform. The safe can hold up to four pistols and supplies. The safe meets the requirements of the California department of justice for weapon storage. The safe features quick opening up on recognition and has a wireless phone charger on top. The safe operates via fingerprint, code or key. Great gift for handgun owners.

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