Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.)
Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.)
Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.)
Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.)
Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.)
Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.)

    Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.)

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    Home Safe with Silent Mode, Backlit Keyboard and LED Light, Secure Money Safe Caja Fuerte

    • 🌎【Password】Gun safe, the password can be set from 3 to 8 digits and it has 111 million permutations.
    • 🌎【ACCESS in DARK & SILENT】Biometric gun safe & cabinet with high-sensitivity backlit keyboard backlit keyboard, LED light and silent mode.
    • 🌎【Rugged】The security safe has improve the quality of the safe, and the usual heavy door and thick lasts make the safe very difficult to steal and long lasting.
    • 🌎【LED & Removable Dividers】Gun safes & cabinets supporting internal LED lighting, gun safes for home pistols with two removable dividers.
    • 🌎【SIZE & WARRANTY】Electronic security office safe, Dimensions: 16.9''*14.57''*9.06''. Security safes come with a 1 year warranty.
    Color: Blue, Purple, White
    Size: 20, 24
    Material: 100% Polyester


    Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.)
    Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.) Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.) Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.) Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.) Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.) Electronic Gun Safe & Cabinet (1.13 cu. ft.)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Stephane Durand
    Great budget safe

    We've been on the lookout for a decent size safe for a while, to at least keep some of our documents in a safe place. Came upon this model and pulled the trigger.Safe is a tad bigger than expected which is a good thing. Big enough to fit enveloppes, letters etc without having to bend them and plenty of room for anything really. From passports, to jewelry, firearm, money etc.Safe seems well mad, double barrel locks and thick door is pretty nice, obviously not bank grade but perfect for what we were looking for.Comes with spare keys and the possibility to USB power up the keypad if the batteries within run out. It is easily configurable and operations are fairly simple. The added LED lights within is a nice touchWe have it bolted down using the 4 provided lag screws which would make it quite hard to physically remove. Quite satisfied with this product.

    Brian M.
    This is Awesome!

    The hardest part about this is finding a suitable location. The biggest problems with small safes is that a thief would just take it a break into it later, this one can be bolted/screwed into location from the inside. Very easy to operate from entering a new code to locking and unlocking. It also has back up keys in case batteries die and also has a convenient light to see the contents. I was able to secure mine to the wall (into the studs...not drywall) and into a very thick large shelf. This is not intended to be water or fire safe so put it in a logical place where it would be least effected by a fire or flood.

    It is heavy metal

    This is a Safe Box with Backlit Keypad, and LED Light, Anti-Rust, Anti-Theft, Anti-Pry(1.29cu. ft.). The safe is all metal construction with welded seams. The door lock mechanism has 2 large pins to prevent opening. The door hinges are heavy as well. There are mounting holes predrilled in the back and bottom of the safe for mounting to a permanent surface to secure the safe. The safe is robust for general purpose prevention of theft of stored items.The keypad is easy to use and allows the safe to be unlocked electronically. There is a keyhole so you can unlock the safe using keys as well, so you don't have to worry about remembering a pass code, and it allows unlocking in the event of a dead battery. If you unlock the door using the keypad, an internal LED light comes on in the safe. It only stays on for about 30 seconds. You have to punch in the pass code to turn it on again for another 30 seconds.The safe is nice and works well. Too bad it wasn't fire proof.

    Scott G.
    Manufactured very well, and as good as any other personal safe you might look at.

    I was quite impressed with this when it arrived. It was larger than expected, and is big enough to store a lot of valuables and documents without folding them. Note: Not fire rated, not water resistant.Battery operated keypad, (4 AA, not included), and a secure 'side cut' key set, just in case. ALSO; a USB emergency power jack, just in case the batteries die and you can't find the keys; Brilliant. It has an inward facing LED light which comes on when you open it, as well as a bolts to secure it down if you want. (holes in bottom of cabinet to facilitate securing the safe.) Its well made, and the steel thickness, welding, hinges, and door bolts are equal to, or better than, 'brand name' personal safes I currently own. For the price, bigger bang for your dollar; huge capacity for the price. The manual shows 5 different sizes, so you should be able to find one that fits your needs. Highly recommended if you are looking for a personal safe option. Note: Not fire rated, not water resistant.

    Les W.
    Well-Made; Great packaging; Batteries NOT Included

    This safe is well-made and is shipped in excellent packaging. It is also a great size for a laptop. Setup was easy, except that disappointingly, the batteries are NOT included (-1 ⭐ for that). A great safe though!!

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